Understanding Session Types: Livestream, In-Person, and Video On Demand

Learn about the different types of offerings you can schedule and make happen on MyFitPod.

MyFitPod is an omni-channel platform. That means that professionals can offer their services in a number of different ways. This is includes online virtual services both live or pre-recorded and and in-person services. 

A session is defined as any event that is added to MyFitPod to perform a service. Can include private and group classes, workshops, training, etc.


Below are the types of sessions you can offer on MyFitPod:


A session that is delivered and experienced virtually and in real-time between PodPro and Podder(s). At MyFitPod we use Zoom as our integration to launch classes virtually.


A session that is delivered and experienced In-Person, at a specified location. Professionals and customers are physically in the same place at the same time.


A session or group of sessions that are pre-recorded and experienced at any time the Podder wishes to access it. Once purchased, the Podder will have access to the On-Demand offering for 14 days. However, if a Podder has purchased a subscription from the PodPro, and the PodPro has set up that subscription to include unlimited access to On-Demand offerings, the Podder will have access for as long as the subscription is active.