How do I set up my Stripe account?

MyFitPod partners with Stripe for secure payments and financial services. If you wish to conduct sessions or collect money for sessions on MyFitPod you will need to set up your payment information and integrate your Stripe account.

Before you can schedule your first session, you must complete three things:

  1. First you must create a PodPro account. If you haven't done that yet, learn how to do it here.
  2. You must also set up your Stripe account. That is what this article is about.
  3. You must set up your Zoom account, if you don't already have one. You can learn how to do that here.

What you'll need to set up your Stripe account

  • Personal Details: demographics (email, date of birth, home address, phone number, and social security number)
  • Business Details: Your registered business information or Type of Industry (Recommendations:  Industry Type: Personal Services: Health and Wellness Coaching; Business website: use your MyFitPod website address)
  • Payout Details: Bank account information

Setting up your Stripe account 

PodPros can set up their Stripe account in two ways.

  1. During step 3 of your free account creation, or
  2. After your PodPro account has already been created. 
    1. Log In to your PodPro account
    2. Click the 🔻 next to your profile image and select My Account
    3. Click on the Payment Details tab 
    4. Click the Stripe Private Office button
    5. Follow the prompts on how to create your Stripe account


A new window will display and will prompt you to either sign up or log in to a pre-existing Stripe account to integrate with MyFitPod.

All PodPro information above and below is securely sent to Stripe and is not stored on MyFitPod servers.

PodPros should complete all required steps as outlined by Stripe, including verification of your email address. 

PodPros will not be able to publish sessions to their schedule until Stripe Private Office has a 'connected' status. 

The verification process takes anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours.

Need more help?

If you have any issues connecting your Stripe account to MyFitPod, the first step is to contact Stripe support to ensure your Stripe profile is completed according to their requirements. Stripe support website or contact

You can find additional information regarding your personal Stripe account and payouts at Stripe FAQs or contact if you need assistance.