How do I set up my session schedule?

Choosing the times that you offer sessions is critical to building an audience that sticks with you.

3 Tips for Setting Up Your Schedule

  1. Choose times that you'll be able to stick to for a long time.
    No schedule will be perfect for everybody in your target demographic. But there is one person that it HAS to be perfect for, and that's you. It takes a while to build a class, and that means it won't build if you don't give it a while. So avoid choosing times that you won't want to stick to for a long time. Ask yourself if you will be content to teach in a particular time slot for a year, two years, or three years. If you know you are going to want to change it after a few weeks, don't do it.

  2. Choose times that are most likely to work for your target audience.
    First, is your target audience spread across multiple time zones? Take that into consideration when you think about the times that they will be free to experience your sessions. If you already have an audience, ask them what they want. 

  3. Consider creating sets of sessions so that your audience members can experience your offerings multiple times per week.
    People are looking for something that they can fit into their weekly schedule. If you offer a great service that get Podders the best results when it's repeated through the week, think about setting up your schedule so that the same session type repeats in the same time slot on different days of the week ... like every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the same time or something similar.
    Having one to three different sets of repeating classes like this, at different times of day, and spread across weekdays and weekends, is a schedule that is most likely to be worked into the lives of your audience members.