How do I create an instructor (PodPro) account on MyFitPod?

Creating a PodPro account on MyFitPod is easy and free to sign up!

At MyFitPod, we refer to service providers as PodPros, and we refer to your audience, the session participants, as Podders.

Before you can schedule your first session, you must complete three things:

  1. First you must create a PodPro account. That is what this lesson is about.
  2. You must also set up your Stripe account. You can find the article on how to do that here.
  3. And you must set up your Zoom account, if you don't already have one. You can learn how to do that here.

What You'll Need to Set Up Your PodPro Account

  • One of the following:
    • An email address and password
    • Your Facebook login credentials
    • Google account login credentials
  • A profile image (see details below)
  • The user alias you would like for Podders to see, if you choose not to use your given name.
  • A phone number that can be used for support as needed
  • Your zip code
  • Your date of birth
  • The default time zone in which your sessions will happen
  • Your area of expertise and associated certifications

How to Create a PodPro Account

  1. To become a PodPro, a service provider, go to
  2. From the top navigation bar, click “Create A Provider Account (PodPro)”, or click on the “Create Account” button under the New Providers section.

  3. Once your click either option above, a new window will open prompting you to "Become a PodPro." You can create your account using by

    1. Inputing your email address and password

    2. Signing up via Facebook

    3. Signing up via Google.

  4. You must agree to the MyFitPod Terms & Conditions in order to become a provider.

  5. Provide your personal information:
    1. Upload a Profile Image (required) This is the image that will publicly display on the MyFitPod marketplace for users to find your services. We recommend uploading a high resolution of you from waist/shoulder and above. 
    2. First & Last Name (required) - To protect your privacy, this will not be made public to Podders, unless you choose your given name to be your User Alias.
    3. User Alias (required) - This alias will be publicly displayed to Podders on both the MyFitPod marketplace and your personal PodPro website. If you use an alias, we recommend that it be your company name or a preferred nickname. 
    4. Phone number (required) - This is the number that MyFitPod will use to contact you for any help or support if needed.
    5. Zip Code (required) - This will allow Podders to search for PodPros in their geographical area 
    6. Date of Birth (optional)
    7. Time Zone - The selected time zone will be the default time zone for all session creation, displayed on your MyFitPod website and for when Podders search for sessions on the MyFitPod marketplace.
  6. Provide your professional information.
    1. In this step, you will provide Podders with info about your areas of expertise, certification, and education.
    2. This information will be provided to Podders in two ways- on your MyFitPod website in the "About" section; and on the MyFitPod marketplace, where Podders will be able to filter specific search criteria related to PodPro expertise, certifications, and education
    3. Simply click the dropdown arrow to add as many tags that apply to you and these areas.
    4. If you do not see an option in the dropdown, select "other" and write your expertise, certification, or education for the MyFitPod team of specialists to review. You will be contacted by about whether the information has been approved and added to the list of options. 
  7. Set up your payment details. MyFitPod partners with Stripe for secure payments and financial services through our MyFitPod APP. If you wish to conduct sessions or collect money for sessions you will need to set up your Payment Information and integrate your Stripe account.
    1. You may set up your payment information when you create your account, or you may skip this step and connect to Stripe at a later time.
    2. To learn how to set up your Stripe account, go to this article