How do I choose names and themes for my sessions?

Some quick tips on choosing session names that will help build your audience

What's In a Name?

The name you choose for your session is important because it may be the only thing that Podders notice before deciding whether to move on to the next option or not. It's helpful that it be catchy, clever, or maybe even funny, but it probably matters even more that it conveys what the session is about.

When choosing session names, try to find one that does these three things:

  1. The title should make clear right away what the session's main activity is. This is important so that the Podder knows what to expect, and that they can picture themselves doing it, then decide whether or not that is something they want to do. So, something like "Gettin' Jiggy With It" is memorable and cute, but "Gettin' Jiggy with HIIT" conveys more clearly what's going to happen in the session.
  2. The title should make clear who the class is for. Choose a title that indicates the level of experience, training, or ability that the session is meant, or if it's meant for a unique population like expectant mothers or people with special limitations, so that Podders can make the best choice for them.
  3. It might also be helpful to indicate what the training goals for the session are, if there is a specific desired outcome. Tell your audience if there's an intention to burn calories, build strength, learn a skill, or something similar, so they can make choices to engage in sessions that have the same goals that they do.