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How (and when) do I get paid for my sessions?

Learn when you can expect payment for your sessions to reach your bank account.

MyFitPod uses Stripe as our payment processor. All payments and payouts are handled by Stripe and you can confirm your payout schedule and estimated payout timing in your Stripe Dashboard.

Payment Holds 

Our payment processor Stripe holds the amount earned and releases it to your account within three business days after the PodPro completes the session that's been purchased. This time window also ensures that MyFitPod can process applicable credits or refunds.

The first payout by Stripe is typically paid out seven (7) days after the first successful purchase of a PodPro offering happens. This waiting period can be up to 14 days for businesses in specific industries. Additional information on the waiting period for first-time payment can be found here.

After the first payout is received, you will be paid out automatically every couple of days. This is a setting you can control via your Stripe account. 

Where is My Payment?

Payments should be immediately reflected on your account as under the Activity section of your  as "Payments Pending" on the Stripe Dashboard as soon as the purchase is made. Then it will be released to you as "Earnings" within three business days after the date of purchase made by your customer. You will see two types of activities on your Stripe Dashboard. 

  1. Payment from MyFitPod - this is the amount  payment paid out based on customer payments through your MyFitPod account minus the 5% MyFitPod transaction fee from a session, package or membership rate. 
  2. Payout from MyFitPod to you "Account"



Please contact support@myfitpod.com if you're experiencing any issues.

You can find additional information regarding Stripe payouts at Stripe FAQs.